Programme Highlights

Book Exhibition on Sex, Sexuality & Sexual Medicine

Out of the extensive and comprehensive personal collection of around 5000 books encompassing sexual medicine, some selected ones will be exhibited during the conference. The aim is for the exhibition set to cater to all needs and tastes, and we will accordingly have different assortments comprising of textbooks, historical books, erotica and also those pertaining to sex education. A wide variety of topics including LGBT and female sexuality would also be covered. Here is a glimpse of the book exhibition which was part of the SASSM Congress 2016.

Mind & Sex Exhibition

We are also presenting a collection of relics and models concerning sex, sex education, sexual medicine practice and erotica. One of its kind, this collection has been the result of more than two decades of personally selecting and adding items, both antique and contemporary. The exhibition is being developed on the theme of “Mind and Sex”, emphasizing the relevance of sexuality in psychiatric practice, and a glance at the premise of ‘Psychiatrists as Sexologists’, along with showcasing the evolution of human sexuality. We welcome you to join us in the journey into sexual medicine, towards new innovations, novel ideas, and most importantly, into curtailing stigma and boosting inclusivity of persons of all gender identities and sexual orientations inside the ambit of mental health facilities.

A glimpse of earlier exhibition at SASSM 2016 at Mysore: